Stainless Steel Plate, Prodec® Plate, and Aluminum Plate

Plus Ten Stainless is a supplier of stainless steel plate, Prodec® plate and aluminum plate.  Plus Ten specializes exclusively in precision cold saw cutting FIRSTCUT+® Services.  Located in the San Fransisco Bay area, Plus Ten Stainliness has one of the largest plate inventories in the country.  Experience the difference precision cold saw cut plate can make in your business. 

Precision Cold Sawing

Square | Precise | Flattened & Deburred

While others offer only plasma cutting, Plus Ten specializes in Precision Cold Saw Cutting. Square and parallel edges at standard lengths. Width tolerances of +.060 to.000 flattened and deburred. Our superior grade precision Tungsten carbide tipped blades result in the highest accuracy and produce a superior finished cut.